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Hebei yanxi chemical co. LTD. has expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. The company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals. Main products are Titanium dioxide(CAS13463-67-7). Lead acetate (cas: 6080-56-4), phenylacetamide (cas 103-81-1), citric acid (5949-29-1), methyl-pyridine (35575-96-3) 2-Phenylacetamide (CAS 103-81-1);Trimethylpyruvic acid (CAS 815-17-8);2-Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (CAS 27813-02-1......


  • 2-phenylacetamide

    Synonyms: Phenylacetamide; Benzeneacetamide; 2-PhenylacetaMide; Ph-CH2-CO-NH2; 2-phenyl-acetamide; 2-Phenylacetamide; α-Toluamide; Phenylacetic acid amide; Acetamide,2-phenyl; CAS;103-81-1 Formula: C8H9NO Exact Mass: 135.06800 Molecular Weight: 135.16300 PSA: 43.09000 Production methods

  • Cyromazine 98% 66215-27-8

    Hebei yanxi chemical co., LTD is a professional research, development and production Cyromazine、Azamethiphos、lead diacetate trihydrate /Lead acetate trihydrateC、 2-phenylacetamide 、 4-Aminophenyl-1-phenethylpiperidine 、Citric acid monohydrate 、 Citric acid/citric acid anhydrous 、 titanium dioxide / Titanium white powder 、 enterprise backbone members by local well-known entrepreneurs and professional senior engineers in the party's "low carbon environmental protection safety smooth" call and support form, the bold innovation on traditional production equipment and technology, using "li tao cylinder" and "plastic basin of crystallization technology, on the basis of reducing the product cost make the product quality to achieve the same industry leading level.In the company all staff's efforts, for decades in shandong province guangdong, henan and other places set up several partners, quality inspection department in the company, under the close supervision of a production and sales in the form of "label", provide the fastest speed convenient service for users across the country. 1.lowest price  2.good service 3.best quality  4.rich experience  5.support sample

  • Lead Acetate

    used for preparation of lead salt, anti fouling paint, water quality protection agent, pigment, filler, paint desiccating agent, fiber dyeing agent and solvent of heavy metals.In the textile industry, used for preparation of lead soap waterproof materials.



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