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P-methylphenol is also known as anti-oxidant 264, anti-oxygen anti-aging agent T501;The product is used as the raw material intermediate and disinfectant of TMB (dibromal),

TMP (3, 4, 5 trimethoxybenzaldehyde) in medicine.It is also an important intermediate in pesticide production.It is used in plastics industry to make phenolic resin and plasticizer.P-methylphenol is used in anti-aging agent 264 (2, 6-ditert-butyl).Packing: 200KG galvanized drum or standard container packaging.

Physical and chemical editing
Appearance: colorless
The molecular structure of cresol.
The molecular structure of cresol.
Liquid or crystal

Nature: colorless liquid or crystal with special odor, corrosive and toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in alkaline solution or organic solvent such as toluene, ethanol, can produce slow oxidation reaction.

Colorless crystalline block with the odor of phenol.Combustible.The solubility of water in water reaches 2.3% and 5% in 100.Soluble in caustic soda and common organic solvents.

Attention editor
Intrusive way
Inhalation and ingestion.
Health hazard

Its vapor or fog irritates eyes, mucosa and respiratory tract.Symptoms of poisoning include burning, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting.This product can cause peripheral neuritis.It has a strong irritant to the skin.
Leakage processing

Evacuating people from the spill area quickly to the safe areas and quarantined and strictly restricted access.Cut off the fire.It is recommended that emergency treatment personnel wear self-contained pressure breathing apparatus and wear protective clothing.Cut off the source as much as possible.Prevent the restricted space such as drain and drain.Small leakage: absorption by activated carbon or other inert materials.It can also be washed with non-combustible dispersants, dilute the lotion and put it into the waste water system.Massive leakage: building dikes or digging holes;Cover with foam and reduce steam hazards.Use the explosion-proof pump to transfer to the tank car or the special collector for recycling or transportation to the waste disposal site.

Protective measures
Respiratory protection: wear a filter gas mask (half mask) when the concentration in the air exceeds the limit.
Eye protection: wear chemical safety goggles.
Body protection: wear anti-static work clothes.
Hand protection: wear latex gloves.
Other: smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at work.After work, shower and change clothes.Pay attention to personal hygiene.
First aid measures
Skin contact: immediately remove the contaminated clothing and wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water.
Eye contact: immediately lift eyelid and rinse thoroughly with water or saline for at least 15 minutes.Go to a doctor.
Inhalation: quickly disengage from the scene to fresh air.Keep airway clear.If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.If breathing stops, do artificial respiration immediately.Go to a doctor.
Ingestion: gargle with water to drink milk or egg whites.Go to a doctor.
Fire extinguishing method: water spray cooling vessel, if possible, move the container from the fire field to the open space.If the container in the fire is discolored or the sound is generated from the safety relief device, it must be withdrawn immediately.Extinguishing agent: foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.The use of water is ineffective.
Acute toxicity editing
LD5040mg/kg(mouse vein);LC503400ppm, 4 hours (inhaled by rats)
Subacute and chronic toxicity: animal feeding of cresol can stimulate and corrode the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, renal tubular damage, focal pneumonia, pulmonary congestion and liver cell necrosis.[1]
Dangerous property: its vapor and air can form explosive mixtures.The explosion is caused by open fire and high thermal energy.A lot of smoke is produced when burning.It reacts strongly with the oxidant.High - speed impact, flow and agitation can cause combustion explosion caused by electrostatic spark discharge.Its vapor is heavier than the air, and can diffuse to a considerable distance in the lower part of the air, and the flame will ignite back.
Combustion (decomposition) product: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.
Monitoring method editing
Laboratory monitoring methods:
Gas chromatography, referring to the analytical chemistry manual (volume 4, chromatographic analysis), chemical industry press.
Environmental standards editor
American workshop hygiene standard 100ppm.

Packing: galvanized drum packaging, net weight 200kg, or set can be packed, 23 tons/tank.

P-methylphenol, p-cresol, 4-methylphenol [CAS:106-44-5]
The molecular weight of methyl phenol (C6H4CH3OH) is 108.13, which is white or colorless, soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and hot water.This product is mainly used in medicine, pesticide and spices, synthetic resin, synthetic materials and dyestuff industry.


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