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Azamethiphos 10%WP 35575-96-3


Azamethiphos 10%WP Product description:


Usage and dosage :


Daub method: 100 grams of this product mix with 80 ml of water.Stir the water and product into a paste.Suitable for 40 square meters of ground space.

The spray method:100 grams of this product mix with 1 liter of water.Spray the water and product evenly.Suitable for 20 square meters floor space or 40 square meters wall and ceiling surface.


In the above two methods, the dilution concentration must be recommended by the manufacturer, but the area and density can be increased or decreased according to the actual situation.


Applying pesticide position:


Fly places such as window frame, door frame, ceiling, lampshade inside and outside, column side, wire and so on. Apply 10 to 30 positions per 40 square meters of ground space. Each position is about 10 x 13 cm, or spraying, accounting for 15% to 30% of the total area.It is suitable for refuse collection station, public toilet, vegetable farm, food processing plant, fermentation factory, family and all the places where flies are disturbed.




1. The effect lasts more than 10 weeks.

2. Small environmental pollution.

3. Beneficial insects are not harmful.

4. Low toxicity and safety to users will not cause secondary pollution or poisoning.

5. Strong attraction, can control indoor and outdoor fly density for a long time.


Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, and do not mix with food, drink, grain, feed, etc., to avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women, and keep away from children.



1. The configuration and use of liquid medicine should be carried out on the same day.If the liquid stays for more than 30 minutes, it should be mixed and then used again.

2. Do not apply to filth or new lime walls.

3. Wear appropriate clothing and gloves, and the utensils after use should be cleaned.

4. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss caused by improper use or storage of the product.


Poisoning emergency:


Suction and poisoning:Move to fresh air.

Skin contact or splash into the eye.:Rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Ingestion:Use a large amount of medical charcoal or use atropine under the guidance of a doctor.


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